Coconut or Coconot?

Coconut oil seems to have taken the gastronomy world by storm, from adding it to coffees to food bloggers and celebrities swearing by it. The interest in its health benefits has massively increased, with some even terming it as a "superfood"- but does it really live up to the hype?  Sales in the UK have … Continue reading Coconut or Coconot?


Detoxing & Juices = flushing money down the toilet

So my first blog post is dedicated to a myth that gets qualified health professionals blood boiling - juices and detoxes. As consumers, we're surrounded by advertising campaigns like "get bikini ready in just one week!" or "lose stubborn belly fat with three day juicing" but here is the truth - they're nothing short of … Continue reading Detoxing & Juices = flushing money down the toilet